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A miniature non-uniform copper-air rectangular coaxial line with the inner conductor supported by periodic dielectric straps is demonstrated. The overall height of the line is 310gm with the outer conductor cross-section being 250gmx250gm. The measured loss is 0.22dB/cm at 26GHz, while the isolation between two parallel lines with a center-to-center(More)
Establishing meaningful relationships between cellular structure and function requires accurate morphological reconstructions. In particular, there is an unmet need for high quality surface reconstructions to model subcellular and synaptic interactions among neurons and glia at nanometer resolution. We address this need with VolRoverN, a software package(More)
BACKGROUND Studies have suggested a benefit from extended venous thromboprophylaxis post-operatively in colorectal cancer with an assumed base rate of zero venous thromboembolic events prior to treatment. We aim to establish the incidence of pulmonary embolism in patients with newly diagnosed stage III or IV colorectal cancer prior to any treatment. (More)
We present an algorithm to compute an approximation of the generalized Voronoi diagram (GVD) on arbitrary collections of 2D or 3D geometric objects. In particular, we focus on datasets with closely spaced objects; GVD approximation is expensive and sometimes intractable on these datasets using previous algorithms. With our approach, the GVD can be computed(More)