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Hole accumulation in Ge/Si core/shell nanowires (NWs) has been observed and quantified using off-axis electron holography and other electron microscopy techniques. The epitaxial [110]-oriented Ge/Si core/shell NWs were grown on Si (111) substrates by chemical vapor deposition through the vapor-liquid-solid growth mechanism. High-angle annular-dark-field(More)
Epitaxial Si nanowires grown from Au seeds using the vapor-liquid-solid method begin growing normal to the Si(111) substrate atop a tapered base. After a kinetically determined length, the NWs may kink away from [111] to another crystallographic direction. The smallest NWs prefer growth along 110 while larger Si NWs choose either 111 or 112 based on whether(More)
Vapor-liquid-solid growth of high-quality Si nanowires relies on the stability of the liquid metal seed. In situ transmission electron microscopy shows that liquid AuSi seed spreads along the sidewalls of Si nanowires for some growth conditions. This liquid thin film phase separates to form solid Au clusters as the nanowire is quenched below the solidus(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if a low-cost, automated motion analysis system using Microsoft Kinect could accurately measure shoulder motion and detect motion impairments in women following breast cancer surgery. DESIGN Descriptive study of motion measured via 2 methods. SETTING Academic cancer center oncology clinic. PARTICIPANTS 20 women (mean age = 60(More)
STUDY DESIGN Prospective analysis of relationship between lifting capacity and multiple anthropometric variables. OBJECTIVES To determine the relationship between lifting capacity and anthropometric variables and to model this relationship quantitatively. BACKGROUND Low-back injuries commonly occur in individuals who perform lifting tasks. Objective(More)
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