Eric D. Vugrin

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BACKGROUND Recent declines in US cigarette smoking prevalence have coincided with increases in use of other tobacco products. Multiple product tobacco models can help assess the population health impacts associated with use of a wide range of tobacco products. METHODS AND FINDINGS We present a multi-state, dynamical systems population structure model that(More)
Cyber resilience is becoming increasingly recognized as a critical component of comprehensive cybersecurity practices. Current cyber resilience assessment approaches are primarily qualitative methods, making validation of their resilience analyses and enhancement recommendations difficult, if not impossible. The evolution of infrastructure resilience(More)
Within the context of infrastructure and economic systems analysis, we define resilience as follows: given the occurrence of a particular disruptive event, the resilience of a system to that event is the ability to efficiently reduce both the magnitude and duration of the deviation from targeted system performance levels. We propose a new methodology,(More)
Considerable effort is currently being spent designing neuromorphic hardware for addressing challenging problems in a variety of pattern-matching applications. These neuromorphic systems offer low power architectures with intrinsically parallel and simple spiking neuron processing elements. Unfortunately, these new hardware architectures have been largely(More)
Critical infrastructure resilience has become a national priority for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Rapid and efficient restoration of service in damaged transportation networks is a key area of focus. The intent of this paper is to formulate a bi-level optimization model for network recovery and to demonstrate a solution approach for that(More)
Hospital evacuations that occur during, or as a result of, infrastructure outages are complicated and demanding. Loss of infrastructure services can initiate a chain of events with corresponding management challenges. This report describes a modeling case study of the 2001 evacuation of the Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas (USA). The study uses a(More)
Resilience has recently emerged as a security priority, but the development of mission resilience analysis techniques for military systems has lagged behind those for other systems. This paper identifies gaps for mission resilience assessment in current vulnerability assessment approaches used at military facilities. Additionally, the paper describes(More)