Eric D. Sills

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The delivery of many diverse computing services over the Internet, with flexible provisioning, has led to much greater efficiency, substantial cost savings, and many ways to enable and empower end users. NCSU's own experience with cloud computing, through its Virtual Computing Lab, indicates that this approach would be beneficial to a much wider(More)
1. Abstract In the context of educational institutions, small distributed data centers and labs are becoming increasingly expensive to provision, support and maintain on their own. This leads to preferences towards centralized and integrated data center resource management and network access to the resources. In turn, the data centers are undergoing a(More)
Interest in cloud computing has grown significantly over the past few years both in the commercial and non-profit sectors. In the commercial sector, various companies have advanced economic arguments for the installation of cloud computing systems to service their clients’ needs. This paper focuses on non-profit educational institutions and analyzes some(More)
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is employed to simulate breathing-zone concentration for a simple representation of spray painting a flat plate in a cross-flow ventilated booth. The results demonstrate the capability of CFD to track correctly changes in breathing-zone concentration associated with work practices shown previously to be significant in(More)
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