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Large inflows of nitrogen (N)-rich freshwater to estuaries can lead to expressions of eutrophication including harmful algal blooms of cyanobacteria (CyanoHABs). Lake Pontchartrain is a large, oligohaline estuary that occasionally receives episodic diversions of N-rich Mississippi River water via the Bonnet Carré Spillway to alleviate flood threats to New(More)
The aim of this paper is to evaluate the current status of municipal wastewater (MWW) treatment in Mexico, as well as to assess opportunities for using ecological treatment systems, such as constructed wetlands. In 2008, Mexico had 2101 MWW treatment plants that treated only 84 m3/s of wastewater (208 m3/s ofMWW were collected in sewer systems).(More)
The Mississippi River Flood of 2011 prompted the opening of the Bonnet Carré Spillway (BCS) in southeastern Louisiana to protect the City of New Orleans. The BCS diverted approximately 21.9 km(3) of river water into the oligohaline Lake Pontchartrain Estuary over the course of 43 days. We characterized estuarine dissolved organic matter (DOM) dynamics(More)
Agricultural intensification in the tropics is one way to meet rising global food demand in coming decades(1,2). Although this strategy can potentially spare land from conversion to agriculture(3), it relies on large material inputs. Here we quantify one such material cost, the phosphorus fertilizer required to intensify global crop production atop(More)
Diffusive flux of bioavailable soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) across the sediment–water interface is one mechanism by which sediments can be a source of phosphorus to the water column in aquatic systems and contribute to primary productivity. This process is dependent on sediment biogeochemistry and SRP concentration gradients at the sediment–water(More)
Lake Pontchartrain is a large, oligohaline estuary located in coastal Louisiana that receives episodic diversions of nitrogen-rich Mississippi River water via the Bonnet Carré Spillway to alleviate flood threats to the city of New Orleans. These events may be linked to expressions of eutrophication, and it is therefore important to investigate pathways of(More)
Ongoing deterioration and loss of wetlands in the Mississippi River delta threatens the survival of Louisiana's coastal ecosystems and human settlements. In response, the State of Louisiana has proposed a $50 billion, 50-year restoration program. A central piece of this program is the reintroduction of Mississippi River water into the deltaic plain using(More)
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