Eric D Lynch

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In the Serial Reaction Time (SRT) task, participants respond to a set of stimuli the order of which is apparently random, but which consists of repeating sub-sequences. Participants can become sensitive to this regularity, as measured by an indirect test of reaction time, but can remain apparently unaware of the sequence, as measured by direct tests of(More)
Cisplatin ototoxicity has been associated with the generation of toxic levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) which can lead to injury or loss of outer hair cells in the organ of Corti, damage to the stria vascularis, and loss of spiral ganglion cells, resulting in permanent hearing loss. In an attempt to reduce the formation of ROS and to bolster the(More)
Previous studies indicate that noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) involves a decrease in glutathione peroxidase (GPx) activity and a subsequent loss of outer hair cells (OHC). However, the cellular localization of this GPx decrease and the link to OHC loss are still poorly understood. In this report, we examined the cellular localization of GPx (GPx1, GPx 3(More)
BACKGROUND Sodium bicarbonate cotransporter (NBC) genes encode proteins that execute coupled Na+ and HCO3- transport across epithelial cell membranes. We report the discovery, characterization, and genomic context of a novel human NBC-like gene, SLC4A9, on chromosome 5q31. RESULTS SLC4A9 was initially discovered by genomic sequence annotation and further(More)
Background: In mammals, sensory hair cells and supporting cells that comprise the auditory epithelium (i.e. organ of Corti) lose the ability to proliferate or regenerate after embryogenesis and are considered terminally differentiated. Previously, it was demonstrated that deletion of p27 Kip1 , a cyclin dependent kinase inhibitor, extends the period of(More)
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