Eric Courteille

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This paper presents a systematic procedure for the elastodynamic modeling of industrial robots that is applicable to either serial or parallel manipulators. This procedure is based on a 3-D space generalization of the equivalent rigid link system (ERLS) description, the finite-element method (FEM), and the Lagrange principle. It considers flexible links and(More)
This paper presents the design optimization of a Delta-like robot manipulator with respect to multiple global stiffness objectives. For this purpose, a systematic elasto-geometrical modeling method is used to derive the analytical manipulator stiffness models by taking into account their link and joint compliances. The models are then involved within a(More)
In this paper, a coupling methodology is involved and improved to correct the tool path deviations induced by the compliance of industrial robots during an incremental sheet forming task. For that purpose, a robust and systematic method is rst proposed to derive the elastic model of their structure and an ef cient FE simulation of the process is then used(More)
This paper focuses on the elastodynamic analysis of cable-driven parallel manipulators. Dynamic stiffness matrix of a single sagging cable is introduced. This matrix considers the effect of both cable mass and elasticity. Dynamic response functions are evaluated for cable-driven parallel manipulators. As an example, the dynamic analysis of a 6-DOF(More)
This paper proposes an original elasto-geometrical calibration method to improve the static pose accuracy of industrial robots involved in machining, forming or assembly applications. Two approaches are presented respectively based on an analytical parametric modeling and a Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy inference system. These are described and then discussed. This(More)
This paper introduces a new method to support designers to find optimal and robust solutions of engine mounting system. The mounting system design is a compromise between isolation of the vehicle from engine vibration and constraining the motion of the powertrain within vehicle packaging. Based on the classical pendulum mounting system of a front wheel(More)
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