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This paper is adapted from a book and many scholarly articles. It reviews the main ideas of a novel theory for the assessment of a student’s knowledge in a topic and gives details on a practical implementation in the form of a software system available on the Internet. The basic concept of the theory is the ‘knowledge state,’ which is the complete set of(More)
This note intends to collect some open problems in Formal Concept Analysis. The ones below have been presented at the International Conference on Formal Concept Analysis (ICFCA 2006) held in Dresden February 2006. Would you like to add some problems to this list, please feel free to send them to kwuida@math.unibe.ch Problems presented at ICFCA 2006 in(More)
As implemented in the system discussed here, the assessment of knowledge in a learning space for a scholarly topic, such as beginning algebra, is comprehensive by design, in that the types of problems that can be asked in any assessment come from a large collection encompassing the full curriculum for the topic. The product of an assessment is a knowledge(More)
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