Eric Corteggiani

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We have developed an assay to study homologous DNA-pairing activities in mammalian nuclear extracts. This assay is derived from the POM blot assay, described earlier, which was specific for RecA activity in bacterial crude extracts. In the present work, proteins from mammalian nuclear extracts were resolved by electrophoresis on SDS/polyacrylamide gels and(More)
The involvement of a double strand break in the initiation of homologous recombination was examined in human nuclear extracts. M13 duplex derivatives, containing inserts in the LacZ' region (producing white plaques), were cleaved by restriction enzymes and coincubated in the extracts with a circular plasmid containing the LacZ' region without insert, and(More)
Video-enhanced fluorescence imaging was used to quantify the DNA content in live two-cell mouse embryos. DNA was stained with the vital fluorophore Hoechst 33342. Conditions of dye concentration and irradiation were such that two-cell embryos could be kept in the constant presence of the dye for about 24 h without a major effect on their furtherin vitro(More)