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New excavations and survey on the island of Rapa have shown that a rockshelter was occupied by early settlers around AD 1200 and the first hill forts were erected about 300 years later. Refortification occurred up to the contact period and proliferated around AD 1700. Taro cultivation in terraced pond-fields kept pace with the construction of forts. The(More)
Molecular anthropology has been widely used to infer the origin and processes of the colonization of Polynesia. However, there are still a lack of representative geographical studies of Eastern Polynesia and unchallenged genetic data about ancient Polynesian people. The absence of both of these elements prevents an accurate description of the demographic(More)
IPHC-PHENO-12-06 We present MadAnalysis 5, a new framework for phenomenological investigations at particle colliders. Based on a C++ kernel, this program allows us to efficiently perform, in a straightforward and user-friendly fashion, sophisticated physics analyses of event files such as those generated by a large class of Monte Carlo event generators.(More)
MadAnalysis 5 is a new Python/C++ package facilitating phenomenological analyses that can be performed in the framework of Monte Carlo simulations of collisions to be produced in high-energy physics experiments. It allows one, by means of a user-friendly interpreter, to perform professional physics analyses in a very simple way. Starting from event samples(More)
We present MadAnalysis 5, an analysis package dedicated to phenomenological studies of simulated collisions occurring in high-energy physics experiments. Within this framework, users are invited, through a user-friendly Python interpreter, to implement physics analyses in a very simple manner. A C++ code is then automatically generated, compiled and(More)
Heparin binding (HB) proteins mediate a wide range of important cellular processes, which makes this class of proteins biopharmaceutically important. Engineering HB proteins may bring many advantages, but it necessitates cost effective and efficient purification methodologies compared to currently available methods. One of the most important classes of HB(More)
The effect of xanthan gum (XG) and enzyme-modified guar (EMG) gum mixtures on the physicochemical properties and oxidative stability of 2wt% whey protein isolate (WPI) stabilized oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions containing 20%v/v fish oil was investigated. EMG was obtained by hydrolyzing native guar gum using α-galactosidase enzyme. At higher gum concentrations(More)
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