Eric Conquet

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This paper reports the results of an ESA funded project on the use of abstract interpretation to validate critical real-time embedded space software. Abstract interpretation is industrially used since several years, especially for the validation of the Ariane 5 launcher. However, the limitations of the tools used so far prevented a wider deployment. Astrium(More)
The ASSERT European Integrated Project (Automated proof-based System and Software Engineering for Real-Time systems; EC FP6, IST004033) has investigated, elaborated and experimented advanced methods based on the AltaRica language and support tool OCAS for architecture and fault approach propagation description analysis, and integrated in the complete ASSERT(More)
One of the major sources of errors in the development of real time critical embedded software is the misinterpretation of system requirements allocated to the software. These misunderstandings between the system team and the software team may have several sources, but are very often due to the following causes: o Use of ambiguous means to describe the(More)
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