Eric Collins

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Development consists of growth and differentiation, which can be partially decoupled and can be affected by environmental factors to different extents. In amphibians, variation in the larval environment influences development and causes changes in post-metamorphic shape. We examined post-metamorphic consequences, both morphological and locomotory, of(More)
Mercury is a very toxic element that is widely spread in the atmosphere, lithosphere, and surface water. Concentrated mercury poses serious problems to human health, as bioaccumulation of mercury within the brain and kidneys ultimately leads to neurological diseases. To control mercury pollution and reduce mercury damage to human health, sensitive(More)
Video provides an excellent example of real-time embedded systems. Video systems actually cover a range of media, including image, audio, and text. Video systems require processing streaming data in real time. Data must be processed at a wide variety of rates. Consumer media devices must also mix real-time media processing with non-real-time user interface(More)
The structure of bacterial communities in first-year spring and summer sea ice differs from that in source seawaters, suggesting selection during ice formation in autumn or taxon-specific mortality in the ice during winter. We tested these hypotheses by weekly sampling (January–March 2004) of first-year winter sea ice (Franklin Bay, Western Arctic) that(More)
IP masquerading under Linux has become a widely used feature which could use some elaboration on the technical side of its operation. This document will summarize how the IP masquerading feature ties in with the TCP/IP and rewalling of the Linux kernel.
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