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Eight strains of C. elegans, including seven recombinant inbred (RI) strains with mean life spans ranging from 10.9 to 28.8 days, were reared under two conditions (95% oxygen or methyl viologen) known to elevate the concentration of free radicals. Both agents inhibited development, as ascertained by measuring the lengths of animals at regular intervals. The(More)
We surveyed 868 community-dwelling older adults about their (a) utilization of media news, (b) opinion of news media coverage of older people, and (c) preferences among terms used by news media to refer to senior citizens. Those with more than high school education read more newspaper news than those with less education. All groups watched TV news more(More)
This paper describes a prototype for a Web service that translates between pairs of metadata schemas. Despite a current trend toward encoding in XML and XSLT, we present arguments for a design that features a more distinct separation of syntax from semantics. The result is a system that auomates routine processes, has a well-defined place for human input,(More)
This paper presents an approach for providing terminology Web services for controlled vocabulary terms. Services are implemented within a service oriented framework. A set of experimental services for genre vocabularies is provided through the MS Office Research pane, a built-in feature of Internet Explorer (IE) when users have loaded MS Office 2003. Web(More)
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