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We examine the accuracy of enzyme catalytic residue predictions from a network representation of protein structure. In this model, amino acid α-carbons specify vertices within a graph and edges connect vertices that are proximal in structure. Closeness centrality, which has shown promise in previous investigations, is used to identify important positions(More)
Rectal swabs from 391 infants less than 18 months of age who were hospitalized with acute diarrhea and from 138 similarly aged healthy infants were examined for the etiologic agents of diarrhea. Aeromonas spp. were recovered from 205 of 391 (52.4%) diarrheic patients, whereas they were recovered from 12 of 138 (8.7%) controls (P less than 10(-11). Among the(More)
Arsenic (As) contamination of communal tubewells in Prey Vêng, Cambodia, has been observed since 2000. Many of these wells exceed the WHO As in drinking water standard of 10 μg/L by a factor of 100. The aim of this study was to assess how cooking water source impacts dietary As intake in a rural community in Prey Vêng. This aim was fulfilled by (1) using(More)
The variability within calculated protein residue pKa values calculated using Poisson-Boltzmann continuum theory with respect to small conformational fluctuations is investigated. As a general rule, sites buried in the protein core have the largest pKa fluctuations but the least amount of conformational variability; conversely, sites on the protein surface(More)
Surveillance was conducted during February and March 1991 in the pediatric emergency department of Cayetano Heredia Hospital, Lima, Peru, to contrast the characteristics of children with epidemic cholera with those of children with noncholera-associated diarrhea. Among 626 patients 14 years of age or younger, Vibrio cholerae O1 was isolated from stool(More)
A case of IgA multiple myeloma presenting with a left pleural effusion due to direct involvement of the pleura is reported. The diagnosis was suspected on the plain chest film showing the osteolytic lateral end of the left clavicle. Pleural fluid cytology and pleural biopsy confirmed the pleural involvement. Such a pleuritic presentation of multiple myeloma(More)
We report on phase locking of two continuous wave IR laser sources separated by 100 THz emitting around 1029 and 1544 nm, respectively. Our approach uses three independent harmonic generation processes of the IR laser frequencies in periodically poled MgO:LiNbO3 crystals to generate second and third harmonics of those two IR sources. The beat note between(More)