Eric Chazottes

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The aim of this study was to investigate the anti-angiogenic, vascular-disrupting and anti-metastatic properties of vinflunine, the latest vinca alkaloid in phase III clinical development. The effects of vinflunine on in vitro endothelial cell functions relevant to the performance of an already formed vasculature and to the angiogenic process were(More)
PURPOSE A human Dukes B colonic adenocarcinoma was grafted onto 40 nude mice. The mice were divided into four groups, one control and three representing experimental conditions. Animals in the three experimental groups received either adriamycin (ADR), 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), or camptothecin (CPT) over a 25-day period beginning 34 days after grafting.(More)
The in vivo hormone sensitivity of three human NSCLCs grafted onto female nude mice (labelled KLX7, KLX9 and KLX14) was characterized on a dynamic level, i.e. on the level of both the macroscopic growth and the proliferative fraction (PF = percentage of cells in the S+G2+M Fractions). Two sets of experiments were performed. The first set showed the(More)
The chemosensitivity of human lung and colorectal tumours grafted onto nude mice was assessed at the individual tumour-bearing mouse level. The results show that various pieces of a given tumour grafted onto a number of animals exhibit different profiles of sensitivity to the same chemotherapy. We used the nuclear DNA content to subtype the clonal tumour(More)
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