Eric Ceballos-Alcantarilla

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Haptens, bioconjugates, and antibodies for highly sensitive immunochemical analysis of the new-generation fungicide penthiopyrad are described. Two haptens with equivalent carboxylated linkers were prepared, and the purified active esters were efficiently coupled to proteins. The results revealed slightly different antibody-eliciting capacities for the two(More)
Carbon nanotubes are novel technological tools with multiple applications. The interaction between such nanoparticles and living organisms is nowadays a matter of keen research by academic and private institutions. In this study, carbon nanotube constructs were investigated as delivery vehicles for immunostimulation and induction of the secondary immune(More)
In recent years, a second generation of succinate-dehydrogenase-inhibitor (SDHI) fungicides has been introduced into the market for effective treatment of fruit and vegetable crops, with fluxapyroxad, boscalid, fluopyram, penflufen, bixafen, penthiopyrad, and isopyrazam being some of the members of this new class of agrochemical. We herein report the(More)
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