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BACKGROUND Vibrio parahaemolyticus, the leading cause of seafood-associated gastroenteritis in the United States, typically is associated with the consumption of raw oysters gathered from warm-water estuaries. We describe a recognized outbreak of V. parahaemolyticus infection associated with the consumption of seafood from Alaska. METHODS After we(More)
The lip function of 16 speakers with upper motor neuron damage following cerebrovascular accident (CVA), was investigated using instrumental measures. Sixteen, non-neurologically impaired adults matched for age and sex served as controls. The results of the instrumental investigations revealed that the CVA speakers had patterns of lip function that were(More)
A physiological analysis of the articulatory function of 16 adults with multiple sclerosis (MS) was performed using lip and tongue transduction systems. Sixteen nonneurologically impaired adults, matched for age, gender, and education, served as controls. The MS speakers demonstrated patterns of tongue function that were significantly different from those(More)
A computerized airflow/air pressure analysis system, the Aerophone II Model 6800 (Kay Elemetrics Corp.), was used to assess the effects of age and gender on laryngeal aerodynamics. A sample of 56 male and 53 female normal speaking subjects was divided into six age groups (20-30; 31-40; 41-50; 51-60; 61-70 and 71-80 years). The laryngeal aerodynamic(More)
CONTEXT Escherichia coli O157:H7, one of hundreds of strains of the gram-negative bacterium E coli, has been implicated in numerous lake-borne outbreaks of infection during the past decade. In August 1999, several children who later became ill with E coli O157:H7 infection reported swimming in a lake in Clark County, Washington. The lake was closed and an(More)
The nasality of 19 subjects with upper motor neuron (UMN) damage following cerebrovascular accident (CVA), and 19 control subjects matched for age and sex, was investigated using both perceptual judgements of nasality and a modified version of the nasal accelerometric procedure described by Horii (1980). Nasality indices were calculated for each subject(More)
Dr. Ernie Goss is the Jack A. MacAllister Chair in Regional Economics and a Professor of Economics at Creighton University. He has published over 80 research studies focusing primarily on economic forecasting and on the statistical analysis of business and economic data. Dr. Goss is a member of the Editorial Board of The Review of Regional Studies and(More)
This contract was developed under a contract with the Small Business Administration, Office of Advocacy, and contains information and analysis that was reviewed by officials of the Office of Advocacy. However, the final conclusions of the report do not necessarily reflect the views of the Office of Advocacy.