Eric C Schreiber

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The authors report a carbon nanotube (CNT) field emission multipixel x-ray array source for microradiotherapy for cancer research. The developed multipixel x-ray array source has 50 individually controllable pixels and it has several distinct advantages over other irradiation source including high-temporal resolution (millisecond level), the ability to(More)
A simple and sensitive radiometric method to determine the individual enantiomers of cicloprofen has been developed. 14C-Cicloprofen was converted to its L-leucine diastereoisomers, which were separated by thin-layer chromatography and quantified by measuring the radioactivity in the area corresponding to each individual diastereoisomer. This technique has(More)
The rates of release of 14C-fluphenazine enanthate and 14C-fluphenazine decanoate were compared in two groups of five male dogs. Each dog was given a single dose (2 mg/kg im) of either the enanthate or decanoate ester in sesame oil. The times required to attain maximum concentrations of radioactivity in plasma were 3.8 +/- 0.5 days (+/-SE) for the enanthate(More)
The metabolism of p-(cyclopropylcarbonyl)phenyl[14C]acetic acid (I-14C), a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent, has been studied in rats, dogs, and monkeys. Animals were given single intravenous or oral doses of 5 and 50 mg of I-14C/kg. In all cases, 72-88% of the administered dose was excreted in urine, with most of the radioactivity appearing within 24(More)