Eric C. Reed

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Task-based libraries such as Intel's Threading Building Blocks (TBB) provide higher levels of abstraction than threads for parallel programming. Work remains, however, to determine how straightforward it is to use these libraries to express various patterns of parallelism. This case study focuses on a particular pattern: <i>pipeline parallelism</i>. We(More)
In conventional bit-rate control, the buffer level is controlled by adapting the quantization step size with a fixed frame rate and spatial resolution. We consider a multidimensional (M-D) bit-rate control where the frame rate, spatial resolution and quantization step size are jointly adapted for buffer control. We introduce a fundamental framework to(More)
In a typical MC-DCT encoding scheme, a large portion of the bit rate is used to encode the location and amplitude information of the nonzero quantized DCT coee-cients. Therefore eecient encoding of the DCT coeecients is extremely important. In this paper we describe the Joint Position-Dependent Encoding PDE approach to encode the DCT coeecients. Joint PDE(More)
In typical video compression algorithms, the DCT is applied to the video, and the resulting DCT coefficients are quantized and encoded for transmission or storage. Most of the DCT coefficients are quantized to zero. Efficient encoding of the DCT coefficients is usually achieved by encoding the location and the amplitude of the nonzero coefficients. In(More)
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