Eric C. R. Hehner

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<italic>Programs are given a new semantics with the merit that a specification written as a first-order predicate can be refined, step by step, to a program via the rules of Predicate Calculus. The semantics allows a free mixture of predicate and programming notations, and manipulation of programs.</italic>
This roadmap describes ways that researchers in four areas---specification languages, program generation, correctness by construction, and programming languages---might help further the goal of verified software. It also describes what advances the "verified software" grand challenge might anticipate or demand from work in these areas. That is, the roadmap(More)
This paper draws together four perspectives that contribute to a new understanding of probability and solving problems involving probability. The first is the Subjective Bayesian perspective that probability is affected by one’s knowledge, and that it is updated as one’s knowledge changes. The main criticism of the Bayesian perspective is the problem of(More)