Eric C. Price

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This paper describes a new attack on the anonymity of web browsing with Tor. The attack tricks a user's web browser into sending a distinctive signal over the Tor network that can be detected using traffic analysis. It is delivered by a malicious exit node using a man-in-the-middle attack on HTTP. Both the attack and the traffic analysis can be performed by(More)
Aye-ayes possess highly adapted hands, using their specialized third digits to investigate potential food sources by tapping and the third or fourth digits to transfer food to the mouth. Observations were conducted on 11 captive aye-ayes (10 wild-caught; 1 captive-bred) following presentation of food or novel objects, and hand use for holding, tapping and(More)
Two neighboring groups of masked titi monkeys (Callicebus personatus personatus) were observed for nearly 240 hr over a 5-mo period. Minimum home range estimates for the groups were 10.7 and 12.3 ha; daily path length averaged 1 km. Each group shared a minimum of nearly 20% of its range with neighbors, and encounters between groups were rare and exclusively(More)
The ability of 6 captive aye-ayes (Daubentonia madagascariensis) to discriminate scents from conspecifics of different age-sex classes was tested. The animals were presented with either unscented logs or logs that had been placed in: (1) their own cage, (2) the cages of adult males or (3) the cages of adult females with female offspring. Responses to the(More)
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