Eric C Hansen

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This paper describes the socioeconomic conditions under which the 3 to 5 million migrant and seasonal farmworkers in the United States live. Health consequences resulting from occupational hazards and from poverty, substandard living conditions, migrancy, language and cultural barriers, and impaired access to health care are described. Specific problems(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors wish to thank the case study authors for sharing their certification experiences and also to thank reviewers (PREFACE There are important developments underway in the global forest industry that are changing the opportunities for both small and large scale operators. A major trend is the increasing consolidation of the forest(More)
Major challenges to the current childhood obesity epidemic include availability of prevention and/or treatment programs that are affordable and acc5essible. We evaluated the change in several modifiable, obesity-related cardiovascular disease risk factors after participation in Fit2Play™, a structured afterschool program housed in a large urban county parks(More)
Medical imaging is routine in the diagnosis and staging of a wide range of medical conditions. In particular, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is critical for visualizing soft tissue and organs, with over 60 million MRI procedures performed each year worldwide. About one-third of these procedures are contrast-enhanced MRI, and gadolinium-based contrast(More)
Sulfamides, together with their simpler sulfonamide analogs, are common functional groups in a significant number of biologically active compounds. This is partly due to their unique electronic structure and conformational behavior, which mimics the tetrahedral intermediate involved in many proteases, esterases, and related enzymes. Here, the origin of(More)
Computational design of materials processes has received great interests during the past few decades. Successful designs require accurate assessment of material properties, which can be influenced by the internal microstructure of materials. This work aim to develop a novel computational model based on dislocation structures to predict the flow stress(More)
A pilot Study was conducted from August 1999 through August 2000 to estimate the loading of selected pollutants from the atmosphere to the San Francisco Estuary. Particulate in the ambient air and precipitation samples were collected at three locations. Dry deposition flux of copper, nickel, cadmium, and chromium was approximately 1100?73, 600?35, 22?15,(More)
The promise of increased industry competitiveness through innovation has driven interest in innovation by industry managers, policy makers and academicians. Forest sector researchers have produced a strong body of work in recent years. This article provides a review of work originating in North America during the period 2000–2013. The review includes 28(More)