Eric C . Carson

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Long-term variations in Holocene fl ood magnitude were quantifi ed from the bankfull dimensions of abandoned channels preserved on fl oodplain surfaces in the northern Uinta Mountains of northeastern Utah. Cross-sectional areas of abandoned channels were reconstructed, and relationships derived from the modern gage records were used to estimate bankfull(More)
BACKGROUND Elevated serum cholesterol is a major risk factor for CHD. Primary prevention through behavioral modification has been designated first-line treatment for patients with elevated cholesterol. In this study, we assessed the impact of a physician office visit after a worksite cholesterol screening on self-reported changes in diet, weight loss,(More)
This study assesses historic overbank alluvial sedimentation along a low-gradient reach of West Fork Black’s Fork in the northern Uinta Mountains, Utah. In this previously glaciated setting, an alluvial floodplain that is approximately 400 m wide by 1500 m long has been modified by the combined effects of valley morphometry and the recent history of(More)
It has been known for over a century that the Uinta Mountains contained numerous alpine glaciers during parts of the Quaternary Period, yet until recently, the glacial record on the south side of the range had received little scientifi c attention. Results of recent 1:24,000-scale fi eld mapping of surfi cial deposits in the southern Uinta Mountains(More)
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