Eric Burkholder

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A new class of heterocyclic aromatic cation with novel physical properties has been constructed by an unprecedented reaction pathway that proceeds via five spontaneous steps to yield a 'synthon' that(More)
The hydrothermal reactions of a molybdate source, a nickel(II) salt, tetra-2-pyridylpyrazine (tpyprz), and organodiphosphonic acids H(2)O(3)P(CH(2))(n)()PO(3)H(2) (n = 1-5) of varying tether lengths(More)
Hydrothermal reactions of Na3VO4, an appropriate Cu(II) source, bisterpy and an organodiphosphonate, H2O3P(CH2)nPO3H2 (n = 1-6) yielded a family of materials of the type(More)
The hydrothermal reactions of MoO(3), an appropriate Cu(II) source, tetra-2-pyridylpyrazine (tpypyz), and phosphoric acid and/or an organophosphonate yielded a series of organic-inorganic hybrid(More)