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Multi-view clustering is an important problem in information retrieval due to the abundance of data offering many perspectives and generating multi-view representations. We investigate in this short note a late fusion approach for multi-view clustering based on the latent modeling of cluster-cluster relationships. We derive a probabilistic multi-view(More)
In retrieval, indexing and classification of multimedia data an efficient information fusion of the different modalities is essential for the system's overall performance. Since information fusion, its influence factors and performance improvement boundaries have been lively discussed in the last years in different research communities, we will review their(More)
The first step in the analysis of video content is the partitioning of a long video sequence into short homogeneous temporal segments. The homogeneity property ensures that the segments are taken by a single camera and represent a continuous action in time and space. These segments can then be used as atomic temporal components for higher level analysis(More)
In this paper we explore the benefits of latent variable modelling of clickthrough data in the domain of image retrieval. Clicks in image search logs are regarded as implicit relevance judgements that express both user intent and important relations between selected documents. We posit that clickthrough data contains hidden topics and can be used to infer a(More)
The data that needs to be processed nowadays is frequently represented in high-dimensional spaces with the dimension given by the number of features selected. There is a gap between human perception of low-dimensional spaces and the behaviour of distances within high-dimensional spaces. In data analysis the phenomenon of " curse of dimensionality " has(More)
The present research explored the strategies individuals with epilepsy use to manage seizure activity by using a survey method (n=105). Analysis suggests that participants' strategies are more likely cognitive or behavioral in nature, rather than emotional. Furthermore, strategy usage varied by whether participants experienced a global perception or an(More)
The paper proposes a novel representation space for multimodal information, enabling fast and efficient retrieval of video data. We suggest describing the documents not directly by selected multimodal features (audio, visual, or text) but rather by considering cross-document similarities relative to their multimodal characteristics. This idea leads us to(More)
Motion transparency phenomena in image sequences are frequent, but classical methods of motion estimation are unable to deal with them. This paper describes a method for estimating optical flow by a generalization of the brightness constancy assumption to additive transparencies. The brightness constancy assumption is obtained by setting constant velocity(More)
The aim of this report is to describe the browsers that have been developed by various groups within the IM2 1 project, highlighting goals, design methodologies, key functionalities and evaluation methods used by each. The paper concludes with a tabular overview of the media, input and output modalities and special functionalities handled by each browser,(More)