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AIMS To estimate the prevalence and the determinants of diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose regulation (IGR) in an adult Canarian population. METHODS Cross-sectional study. One thousand and thirty subjects aged 30-82 years were randomly selected. Participants completed a survey questionnaire and underwent blood pressure measurements, anthropometry,(More)
Direct orientation of laser systems has been widely used for airborne laser sensors but not with the terrestrial laser systems. The usual way to operate a terrestrial laser is by scanning a scene while the sensor remains static. In order to cover the whole scene, different scans can be combined by matching several common points, finally the orientation of(More)
The self-assembly of coordination networks from reaction of 2,4,6-trimesityl-1,3,5-triazine and silver(I) trifluoroacetate is described. A one-dimensional linear polymer is formed from solutions deficient in silver while a two-dimensional, graphite-like sheet is formed from solutions containing 3 equiv of silver per triazine. The structurally similar(More)
The silver(I) coordination chemistry of 2,6-diarylpyrazines is reported. Discrete coordination complexes and two-dimensional coordination networks were characterized. The substitution pattern on the pendant aryl groups controlled the type of coordination chemistry involved. Thus, o-methyl-substituted aryl groups held the aryl groups orthogonal to the(More)
Intramolecular halogen bonds between aryl halide donors and suitable acceptors, such as carbonyl or quinolinyl groups, held in proximity by 1,2-aryldiyne linkers, provide triangular structures in the solid state. Aryldiyne linkers provide a nearly ideal template for intramolecular halogen bonding as minor deviations from alkyne linearity can accommodate a(More)
Since martensitic transformation from cubic L21-type crystal structure to orthorhombic four-layered martensite (4O) was observed in Heusler alloys of the ternary system Ni50Mn50-xSnx [1], important attention has been devoted to investigate structural transformations, magneto-elastic and magnetocaloric properties in these Ga-free ferromagnetic shape memory(More)
The synthesis and characterization of three one-dimensional coordination polymers formed on self-assembly of 2,3-diarylpyrazines with silver(I) salts are presented. A linear double-stranded coordination polymer was formed on self-assembly of 2,3-bis(3'5'-dimethylphenyl)pyrazine with silver(I) tetrafluoroborate. An essentially linear double-strand(More)
The design and synthesis of a new dipyridyl ligand with appended phenanthryl moieties is described. On addition of increments of silver(I) trifluoromethanesulfonate to a solution of the ligand, the phenanthryl protons shift upfield in the (1)H NMR spectrum, suggesting that the phenanthrenes pi-stack on coordination of silver(I). In accord with this, the(More)
  • Eric Bosch
  • Acta crystallographica. Section C, Structural…
  • 2016
Weak interactions between organic molecules are important in solid-state structures where the sum of the weaker interactions support the overall three-dimensional crystal structure. The sp-C-H...N hydrogen-bonding interaction is strong enough to promote the deliberate cocrystallization of a series of diynes with a series of dipyridines. It is also possible(More)