Eric Bosch

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The design and synthesis of a new dipyridyl ligand with appended phenanthryl moieties is described. On addition of increments of silver(I) trifluoromethanesulfonate to a solution of the ligand, the phenanthryl protons shift upfield in the (1)H NMR spectrum, suggesting that the phenanthrenes pi-stack on coordination of silver(I). In accord with this, the(More)
Halogen bonding is a well-established and intensively studied intermolecular interaction that has also been used in the preparation of functional materials. While polyfluoroiodo- and polyfluorobromobenzenes have been widely used as aromatic halogen-bond donors, there have been very few studies of iodoimidazoles with regard to halogen bonding. We describe(More)
170 patients who had suffered trauma to bones or soft tissues were examined by a digital and a conventional film/screen technique. In addition to "standard" and edge-enhanced images, post-processing was carried out and compared with conventional radiographs. Four radiologists and two surgeons evaluated the compacta, spongiosa, soft tissues, fractures and(More)
The silver(I) coordination chemistry of 2,6-diarylpyrazines is reported. Discrete coordination complexes and two-dimensional coordination networks were characterized. The substitution pattern on the pendant aryl groups controlled the type of coordination chemistry involved. Thus, o-methyl-substituted aryl groups held the aryl groups orthogonal to the(More)
  • Eric Bosch
  • 2016
Weak interactions between organic molecules are important in solid-state structures where the sum of the weaker interactions support the overall three-dimensional crystal structure. The sp-C-H...N hydrogen-bonding interaction is strong enough to promote the deliberate cocrystallization of a series of diynes with a series of dipyridines. It is also possible(More)
The extent to which the diagnostic performance of low-dosed storage phosphors can be improved by suitable image postprocessing was investigated. Storage phosphor radiographs and conventional 200- and 400-speed screen-film combinations of an anthropomorphic chest phantom with simulated nodules and linear structures were compared. The detection of test bodies(More)
The design, synthesis, and complexation characteristics of the bipyridyl ligand 1,2-bis-(2-pyridylethynyl)benzene are described. The X-ray crystallographic characterization of the 1:1 complexes of 1,2-bis(2-pyridylethynyl)benzene with silver(I) triflate and palladium(II) chloride are described. In the X-ray crystal structure of the silver(I) triflate(More)
The synthesis and characterization of three one-dimensional coordination polymers formed on self-assembly of 2,3-diarylpyrazines with silver(I) salts are presented. A linear double-stranded coordination polymer was formed on self-assembly of 2,3-bis(3'5'-dimethylphenyl)pyrazine with silver(I) tetrafluoroborate. An essentially linear double-strand(More)