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Coral reefs are experiencing unprecedented degradation due to human activities, and protecting specific reef habitats may not stop this decline, because the most serious threats are global (i.e., climate change), not local. However, ex situ preservation practices can provide safeguards for coral reef conservation. Specifically, modern advances in(More)
Acknowledgments The Proceedings of the International Workshop on the Trade in Stony Corals summarizes the outcome of a meeting held in Jakarta Indonesia in April, 2001funded by a grant from the U.S. Affairs with additional support from NOAA Fisheries Office of Protected Resources. The workshop was developed primarily in response to a finding made by the(More)
Mr. Blakemore indicated that appropriate notification of the meeting had been provided pursuant to the Illinois Open Meetings Act. Trustee Boey made the motion to approve the agenda and Trustee Strauss seconded. The motion was approved. Trustee Strauss made the motion to approve the minutes of 11/17/14 and Trustee Boey seconded. The motion was approved.(More)
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