Eric Bernard

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Since the end of the Little Ice Age (LIA), Svalbard glaciers have undergone a net retreat in response to changing meteorological conditions. Located between 76°N and 80°N, western Spitsbergen has seen a climatic transition from a glacial to a paraglacial system. On the northern shore of the Brøgger Peninsula (northwest Spitsbergen), the average temperature(More)
Vittatidera zeaphila was described from stunted Zea mays (corn) roots collected in northwestern Tennessee (Obion County) in 2006. Similar cyst specimens had previously been collected in 1978 from Lauderdale County, TN, on Eleusine indica (goosegrass). Comparison of the 1978 specimens deposited in the USDA Nematology Collection at Beltsville, MD, and the(More)
(2016). Investigating dark matter substructure with pulsar timing-I. Constraints on ultracompact minihaloes. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 456(2). <a href=" Comparing the observable properties of dwarf galaxies on and off the andromeda plane. (2015). Investigating dark matter substructure with pulsar timing-II. Improved limits on(More)
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