Eric Berkson

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An electrophysiologic mapping technique which enables identification of the central sulcus and pathologic cortical regions is described. Electrocorticographic recordings of 1 min duration were recorded from 25 patients who were undergoing resection of tumors in the sensory-motor region or being evaluated for temporal lobectomy for epilepsy. Analysis of the(More)
This paper introduces a compact, wireless, wearable system that measures signals indicative of forces, torques and other descriptive and evaluative features that the human body undergoes during bursts of extreme physical activity (such as during athletic performance). Standard approaches leverage high-speed camera systems, which need significant(More)
BACKGROUND Shoulder instability is a common problem in American football players entering the National Football League (NFL). Treatment options include nonoperative and surgical stabilization. PURPOSE This study evaluated how the method of treatment of pre-NFL shoulder instability affects the rate of recurrence and the time elapsed until recurrence in(More)
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