Eric Bell

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The nature of the semantic memory deficit in dementia of the Alzheimer's type (DAT) was investigated in a semantic priming task which was designed to assess both automatic and attention-induced priming effects. Ten DAT patients and 10 age-matched control subjects completed a word naming semantic priming task in which both relatedness proportion (RP) and(More)
People around the world use social media platforms such as Twitter to express their opinion and share activities about various aspects of daily life. In the same way social media changes communication in daily life, it also is transforming the way individuals communicate during disasters and emergencies. Because emergency officials have come to rely on(More)
Online communities, or groups, have largely been defined based on links, page rank, and eigenvalues. In this paper we explore identifying abstract groups, groups where member's interests and online footprints are similar but they are not necessarily connected to one another explicitly. We use a combination of structural information and content information(More)
This report contains projections of UC Berkeley greenhouse gas emissions out to 2050. Business-as-usual and best-case scenarios are included. Emissions reductions for the best-case scenario were calculated for vehicle transportation, business air travel, water use, electricity use, and electricity supply. Vehicle transportation emissions were estimated to(More)
Social networks are dynamically changing over time e.g., some accounts are being created and some are being deleted or become private. This ephemerality at both an account level and content level results from a combination of privacy concerns, spam, and deceptive behaviors. In this study we analyze a large dataset of 180,340 accounts active during the(More)
We present an approach for automatically learning synonyms from a corpus of paraphrased tweets. The synonyms are learned by using shallow parse chunks to create candidate synonyms and their context windows, and the synonyms are substituted back into a paraphrase detection system that uses machine translation metrics as features for a classifier. We find a(More)