Eric Bénéfice

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The purpose of this study was to review published studies on the variability of age at menarche and age at menopause throughout the world, and to identify the main causes for age variation in the timing of these events. We first present a summary table including mean (or median) values of the age at menarche in 67 countries, and of the age at menopause in(More)
The objective of this paper was to document mercury contamination of Amerindian populations living along the Beni River in Bolivia and to examine risk factors related to their lifestyle. A cross-sectional survey was performed among 15 communities on the flood plains of the Beni River at the foothills of the Andes. Hair mercury content (H-Hg) served as a(More)
Relationships between anthropometric dimensions (stature, weight, arm and calf circumferences, and four subcutaneous skinfolds), and motor performances (dash, standing long jump, throw for distance and grip strength) were considered in 348 mild-to-moderately undernourished Senegalese children 5-13 years of age (168 boys and 180 girls). Weights and statures(More)
The effects of undernutrition on motor coordination and performance of 139 4.0-6.5 year-old Senegalese children were studied. The sample was partitioned into three nutritional history groups: 54 children exposed chronically to a mild-to-moderate form of undernutrition (group A), 52 children hospitalized for severe undernutrition during infancy and(More)
OBJECTIVES To stress the importance of social and environment (nutritional) factors in determining the growth spurt during puberty and the risk of excessive adiposity, two contrasting adolescent populations, one from a rural area of Senegal (West Africa) and the other from Martinique (French West Indies), were compared. DESIGN Cross-cultural comparison of(More)
This study examines the effects of chronic malnutrition on the functional capacities and physical activity patterns of a group of 100 healthy Senegalese children between the ages of 10 and 13 years. Anthropometric measurements, a sub-maximal step test, spirometric tests and testing of four motor skills (foot races, jumping, throwing, gripping) were(More)
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