Eric Aubanel

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Parallelization of partial differential equations (PDEs) by time decomposition has attracted much interest, mainly due to its potential to enable very long time simulations beyondwhat is possible using spatial domain decomposition. However, there has only been limited performance analysis of the parareal algorithm in the literature, ignoring the efficient(More)
In this paper we develop efficient heuristic algorithms to solve the bottleneck traveling salesman problem (BTSP). Results of extensive computational experiments are reported. Our heuristics produced optimal solutions for all the test problems considered from TSPLIB, JM-instances, National TSP instances, and VLSI TSP instances in very reasonable running(More)
Two strategies for the optimization of centric scan SPRITE (single point ramped imaging with T1 enhancement) magnetic resonance imaging techniques are presented. Point spread functions (PSF) for the centric scan SPRITE methodologies are numerically simulated, and the blurring manifested in a centric scan SPRITE image through PSF convolution is(More)
The advent of multi-core architectures provides an opportunity for accelerating parallelism in mesh-based applications. This multi-core environment, however, imposes challenges not addressed by conventional graph-partitioning techniques that are originally designed for distributed-memory uniprocessors. As the first step to exploit the multi-core platform,(More)
In a shared cluster facility scheduling of parallel jobs is an important factor that can affect the performance and turnaround time of the submitted jobs. To solve hard tree search problems, we have designed the Dynamic Moldable Tree Search (DMTS) framework. The DMTS framework allows existing serial tree search applications to run in parallel with very(More)
Java Util Concurrent (JUC) is a widely used library in multithreaded Java applications. JUC provides a variety of tools such as locks, thread pools and blocking queues. Many of these constructs use <i>Thread Park</i>, a mechanism which allows threads to be blocked from execution, as a means of thread synchronization. We modified the IBM Java Virtual(More)
Heterogeneous distributed computing is found in a variety of fields including scientific computing, Internet and mobile devices. Computational grids focusing primarily on computationally-intensive operations have emerged as a new infrastructure for high performance computing. Specific algorithms such as scheduling, load balancing and data redistribution(More)
In this paper we describe the parallelization of a dynamic programming algorithm used to find common RNA secondary structures including pseudoknots and similar structures. The sequential algorithm is recursive and uses memoization and data-driven selective allocation of the tables, in order to cope with the high space and time demands. These features, in(More)