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Tuberculosis (TB) is more prevalent in the world today than at any other time in human history. Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the pathogen responsible for TB, uses diverse strategies to survive in a variety of host lesions and to evade immune surveillance. A key question is how robust are our approaches to discovering new TB drugs, and what measures could be(More)
Using classification (SOM, LVQ, Binary, Decision Tree) and regression algorithms (PLS, BRANN, k-NN, Linear), this paper details the building of eight 2D-QSAR models from a 266 COX-2 inhibitor training set. The predictive performances of these eight models were subsequently compared using an 88 COX-2 inhibitor test set. Each ligand is described by 52 2D(More)
This is the final report for my summer project at the Imperial College. We look at the use of erasure correcting codes in distributed storage. Here we more particularly study Minimum Bandwidth Exact Regenerating codes that allow to minimize the bandwidth required to repair the system following the crash of a server (also called node failure). This document(More)
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