Eric Allely

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Current techniques for imaging chest deformity are limited to two-dimensional representations, and clinical testing for lung volume measurements are based on pulmonary function studies that are effort-dependent. The authors evaluated spine deformity and lung volume by using a new three-dimensional microcomputer imaging technique. Results from preoperative(More)
This paper outlines the differences between telemedicine applications in terms of their synchronous or asynchronous nature. The differences in the demands of these two forms of telemedicine are significant and should be considered in the development of any telemedicine system. It is the asynchronous applications that are most likely to provide real change(More)
Rapid and effective medical intervention in response to civil and military-related disasters is crucial for saving lives and limiting long-term disability. Inexperienced providers may suffer in performance when faced with limited supplies and the demands of stabilizing casualties not generally encountered in the comparatively resource-rich hospital setting.(More)
Over 50 years of risk-reduction efforts for sexually transmitted diseases (STD) exist as a foundation for Acquired Immunodeficiency Disease Syndrome (AIDS) prevention programs in the military, yet very few innovative prevention concepts have been generated. However, the military has used interactive media successfully in medical education to supplement(More)
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