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Intravenous magnesium has been reported to improve postoperative pain; however, the evidence is inconsistent. The objective of this quantitative systematic review is to evaluate whether or not the peri-operative administration of intravenous magnesium can reduce postoperative pain. Twenty-five trials comparing magnesium with placebo were identified.(More)
Eighteen published trials have examined the use of neuraxial magnesium as a peri-operative adjunctive analgesic since 2002, with encouraging results. However, concurrent animal studies have reported clinical and histological evidence of neurological complications with similar weight-adjusted doses. The objectives of this quantitative systematic review were(More)
Many consider femoral nerve block the gold standard in pain management following knee arthroplasty. Local infiltration analgesia is an alternate approach that applies the concept of surgical wound infiltration with local anaesthetics. This meta-analysis aims to compare both analgesic treatments for analgesia and functional outcomes after total knee(More)
BACKGROUND The ideal local anesthetic regime for femoral nerve block that balances analgesia with mobility after total knee arthroplasty (TKA) remains undefined. QUESTIONS/PURPOSES We compared two volumes and concentrations of a fixed dose of ropivacaine for continuous femoral nerve block after TKA to a single injection femoral nerve block with(More)
OBJECTIVE The measurement of cardiac output is a key element in the assessment of cardiac function. Recently, a pulse contour analysis-based device without need for calibration became available (FloTrac/Vigileo, Edwards Lifescience, Irvine, CA). This study was conducted to determine if there is an impact of the arterial catheter site and to investigate the(More)
We systematically reviewed the safety and efficacy of perineural dexamethasone as an adjunct for peripheral nerve blockade in 29 controlled trials of 1695 participants. We grouped trials by the duration of local anaesthetic action (short- or medium- vs long-term). Dexamethasone increased the mean (95% CI) duration of analgesia by 233 (172-295) min when(More)
OBJECTIVES Many patients may believe that HIV screening is included in routine preoperative work-ups. We examined what proportion of patients undergoing preoperative blood testing believed that they had been tested for HIV. METHODS All patients hospitalized for elective orthopaedic surgery between January and December 2007 were contacted and asked to(More)
BACKGROUND Waterproofing agents are widely applied to leather and textile garments; they are also used as floor stain protectors by professionals. Acute respiratory injury is described in three cases of young healthy adults following occupational inhalation of a new waterproofing formulation containing an acrylate fluoropolymer. Within 1 or 2 h after(More)
BACKGROUND Previous meta-analyses of the transversus abdominis plane (TAP) block have examined a maximum of 12 articles, including fewer than 650 participants, and have not examined the effect of ultrasound-guided techniques specifically. Recently, many trials that use ultrasound approaches to TAP block have been published, which report conflicting(More)