Eric A. Walden

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This article reviews the growing body of research on electronic commerce from the perspective of economic analysis. It begins by constructing a new framework for understanding electronic commerce research, then identifies the range of applicable theory and current research in the context of the new conceptual model. It goes on to assess the state-of-the-art(More)
Technology adoption often occurs sequentially, so that later potential adopters can see the decisions (adopt or not adopt) of earlier potential adopters. In this paper we review the literature on observational learning, in which people use information gained by observing the behavior of others to inform their decisions, and note that little prior research(More)
Proprietary standardization seeks to increase a firm's market share (pie sharing). Open standardization seeks to increase the size of the market (pie expansion). In order to determine which of these creates more value for a firm involved in standardization , this paper investigates the market value of standardization initiatives, using an event study based(More)
In this work, we attempt to show how operations researchers can effectively manage the production costs of computing services. The thesis of this paper is that an outsourcing firm, by virtue of the fact that it manages the IT function for multiple firms, is privileged to information not available to the focal firm. We derive the conditions under which this(More)
means solving problems using a logical, often mathematical, foundation. One important type of computational thinking involves being able to observe a problem in the world and then formulate a plan of action that can be carried out by a computer. Computational thinking is what computing professionals (MIS personnel, computer scientists) do when they analyze(More)