Eric A. Moore

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Sarcomas of the sinonasal region are rare. We describe a distinct spindle cell sarcoma of the sinonasal region characterized by concomitant neural and myogenic differentiation. Consultation files and surgical cases from Mayo Clinic were reviewed. Twenty-eight cases were identified that met the inclusion criteria. Clinical data were collected from medical(More)
Ro 15-4513, a benzodiazepine inverse agonist, has been reported to antagonize the ataxic effects of ethanol. The present study investigates the Ro 15-4513 sensitivity of rat cerebellar Purkinje neurons to the depressant effects of locally applied ethanol. Local applications of ethanol by pressure ejection from multibarrel micropipettes caused reversible and(More)
The magnetic resonance imaging features of the wrist of a patient suffering from the arthropathy of haemochromatosis are presented. It is apparent that the deposition of iron within the bone marrow is focal in origin and may be associated with cyst formation. In addition, changes in serum ferritin levels with treatment suggest that the deposition is(More)
The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) features of a rheumatoid arthritic geode are presented. Development of such a cyst from before x ray diagnosis to its coalescence with the wrist joint is described. The evidence suggests that these juxta-articular cysts are not merely an intrusion of the synovial cavity into the bone marrow but start as isolated(More)
This paper presents an architecture for INFORM, a domain-independent, expertdirected knowledge acquisition aid for developing knowledge-based systems. The INFORM architecture is based on information requirements and modeling approaches derived from both decision analysis and knowledge engineering. It emphasizes accommodating cycles of creative and analytic(More)
Abnormal labial frena are capable of retracting gingival margins, creating diastemas, and limiting lip movement. When these frena are present, the traditional frenectomy alone generally is successful. However, when the frenulum is extensive, the possibility of coronal reformation exists. Several procedures have combined the frenectomy with either a lateral(More)
The effects of chronic toluene exposure on central neurons were examined using syngeneic grafts into the anterior chamber of the eye. Young adult albino rats with intraocular brain transplants inhaled toluene (1000 ppm) for 9 weeks starting at the time of transplantation, or from Week 8 to 17 after the graft was placed in oculo. Control animals were exposed(More)
Focal areas of intraepithelial neoplasia were induced in the skin of mice by 1 intraperitoneal injection of urethane followed by twice weekly topical applications of 12-0-tetra-decanoyl phorbol-13-acetate (TPA). Microscopic lesions with histologic characteristics of intraepithelial neoplasia were seen in all animals after 11 weeks of TPA application.(More)