Eric A Malek

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The ability of a perceiver-actor to perform a particular behaviour depends on their ability to generate and control the muscular forces required to perform that behaviour. If an intended behaviour is to be successful, perception must be relative to this ability. We investigated whether perceiver-actors were sensitive to how changes in their mass(More)
We investigated whether anticipated speed of locomotion through an aperture influences perception of whether an object can be carried through that aperture. Participants reported whether they would be able to carry objects through an aperture (a) if they were to attempt to walk through the aperture and (b) if they were to attempt to run through the(More)
Completing a goal directed behavior in a safe and efficient manner requires that a perceiver-actor is sensitive to the various constraints on performing that behavior and adjust his or her movements accordingly. When attempting to pass under a barrier, people adjust their ducking behavior based on the likelihood and potential costs of a collision (van der(More)
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