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OBJECTIVE To estimate the impact of small changes in plasma levels of HIV-1 RNA on the risk of heterosexual transmission or disease progression to an AIDS-defining event or death. DESIGN AND METHODS We systematically reviewed the published literature for studies that evaluated small viral load changes among antiretroviral-therapy-naive, adult populations.(More)
BACKGROUND Mental health is a central determinant of quality of life. While psychiatric morbidity of populations has been studied extensively, the role of perceived stress, social support, and internal resources as determinant of health is still poorly understood. METHODS We surveyed 2000 randomly selected university students. Perceived stress was(More)
Over the last decades, tremendous efforts have been made to strengthen childhood immunisation programs. However, the burden of influenza and pneumococcal infections remains disturbingly high in adults and elderly. We conducted a cross-sectional self-administered mail survey to identify characteristics associated with low use of recommended vaccines in adult(More)
OBJECTIVE To create a reference table of disability outcomes in multiple sclerosis (MS) that would enable patients to rank their disability relative to others' with similar disease duration and to develop a cost-effective research tool for comparing MS severity across patient populations and time periods. METHODS The North American Research Committee on(More)
This study assessed predictions of the Transtheoretical Model (TTM) of behaviour change applied to mammography screening in a random sample of 909 Swiss women aged 40-80 years. We examined stages of mammography adoption, positive and negative attitudes toward screening (pros, cons and decisional balance), and additional predisposing, enabling and(More)
OBJECTIVE As health care expenditures grow, it is important to understand whether mental health services are being used appropriately. This study examined participants' reasons for seeking the services of a psychiatrist or psychologist to determine the extent to which factors other than an existing clinical disorder, such as culture, stress, or lack of(More)
OBJECTIVE This study assessed accuracy of women's opinions about reduction in mortality from breast cancer attributable to mammography screening. DESIGN Cross sectional survey. SETTING General population of Geneva, Switzerland. PARTICIPANTS 895 randomly selected women aged 40 to 80 years, free of breast cancer. RESULTS Women estimated the proportion(More)
Fifteen cohorts of healthy bathers were recruited at four Lake Leman beaches between 3 July and 23 August 1996 to assess the public health importance of cercarial dermatitis in Geneva, Switzerland. Telephone follow-up interviews were carried out after 2-7 days. Overall, 153 bathers out of 555 reported probable cercarial dermatitis at follow-up. Median daily(More)
BACKGROUND Incomplete participation is of particular concern for surveys of patient perceptions of care because patients who have negative opinions may be least likely to participate. OBJECTIVE We sought to examine indirect evidence of nonresponse bias. DESIGN We re-analyzed data from a cross-sectional patient survey. SUBJECTS Our subjects were(More)