Eric A. Hulteen

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VoiceNotes is an application for a voice-controlled hand-held computer that allows the creation, management, and retrieval of user-authored <italic>voice notes</italic>&#8212;small segments of digitized speech containing thoughts, ideas, reminders, or things to do. Iterative design and user testing helped to refine the initial user interface design.(More)
In human-computer interaction, as in conversation, neither partner is omniscient. To facilitate repairs when problems arise, an interface needs to enable both user and system to coordinate their separate knowledge states. We present a conversational feedback model for human-computer interaction, based on a collaborative theory of human communication (Clark(More)
summary This article describes the CAVE, a fully-immersive virtual reality interface. The CAVE is essentially a room whose walls, ceiling, and floor are surfaces on which images can be protected. This approach is in contrast to other interfaces such as CRTs or head-mounted displays. A description of VR interface attributes and issues is also given. The(More)
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