Eric A. B. da Silva

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Measurement of image similarity is important for a number of image processing applications. Image similarity assessment is closely related to image quality assessment in that quality is based on the apparent differences between a degraded image and the original, unmodified image. Automated evaluation of image compression systems relies on accurate quality(More)
The extrapolation chamber is a parallel-plate ionization chamber that allows variation of its air-cavity volume. In this work, an experimental study and MCNP-4C Monte Carlo code simulations of an ionization chamber designed and constructed at the Calibration Laboratory at IPEN to be used as a secondary dosimetry standard for low-energy X-rays are reported.(More)
The article presents the results of research that aims at training and consolidation of knowledge and their use for thermoelectric energy harvesting. Therefore, we present a numerical modeling for design and dimensioning of micro electric power generating sources, from theoretical performance curves of thermoelectric modules and temperature gradients for(More)
The high occupational exposures in interventional radiology arise the preoccupation with workers in interventional rooms. Any type of procedure, as coronary angioplasty, provides high levels of radiation doses for the physicians, mainly when there are no protection tools in the equipment. In this work, the levels of radiation doses of the first and second(More)
Steganography is the hiding of payload data within cover data. The goal of a steganographic method is to minimize the visually apparent and statistical differences between the cover data and a steganogram while maximizing the size of the payload. Current digital image steganography presents the challenge of hiding data in a digital image in a way that is(More)
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