Eri Takashima

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Using an immunoradiometric assay, serum CA125 levels were measured in 13 women with a normal pregnancy, 9 with a spontaneous abortion, 3 with a hydatidiform mole, and 15 with a tubal pregnancy. Serum CA125 levels were high in patients with a normal pregnancy (154±169 U/ml; mean±S.D.), a spontaneous abortion (244±258 U/ml), or a hydatidiform mole (54±16(More)
It is important that participants form a positive impression when they meet with a new robot for the first time. Therefore, we tried to change how participants evaluate a new robot by changing the surrounding environment in the experiment. Embodied Cognition is a theory that our cognition for a target is strongly influenced by physical stimulation of our(More)
The development of a single-dose extended release formulation of azithromycin (AZ-SR) improves the adherence. However, gastrointestinal side effects such as diarrhea are frequent adverse drug reactions. The aim of the present study was to investigate the incidence of patient-reported in a diarrhea and the convenience of intake of AZ-SR in an Asian(More)
  • E Takashima
  • 1990
A hysteroscope is a useful tool for detecting uterine tumors developed in the cervical canal and uterine cavity which are invisible areas. The hysteroscopy discloses easily the findings, location, size and extent of the lesions. Consequently more correct biopsies may be obtained than the conventional curettages which are blind procedures. This paper(More)
Studies have shown that a person's current body state can affect his thinking (embodied cognition). We tested how value judgments can be changed by this. The results of our experiment demonstrated that participants tended to discount a future reward less when looking up than when looking down. Moreover, we found that the β parameter, which represents(More)
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