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From an enzyme kinetic study using rat liver microsomes, α-tocopherol has been suggested to accelerate the other vitamin E catabolism by stimulating vitamin E ω-hydroxylation, the late limiting reaction of the vitamin E catabolic pathway. To test the effect of α-tocopherol on catabolism of the other vitamin E isoforms in vivo, we determined whether(More)
We have shown that intake of sesame seed and its lignan increases vitamin E concentrations and decreases urinary excretion levels of vitamin E metabolites in male Wistar rats, suggesting inhibition of vitamin E catabolism by sesame lignan. The aim of this study was to examine whether dietary sesame seed also increased vitamin K concentrations, because its(More)
SCOPE The effects of vitamin E on vitamin K metabolism were elucidated by comparing the effect of tocopherol intake on vitamin K concentrations in rats fed phylloquinone (PK) or menaquinone (MK)-4. METHODS AND RESULTS Initially, the dietary effect of RRR-α-tocopherol, but not RRR-γ-tocopherol, in decreasing extrahepatic PK concentrations was confirmed.(More)
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