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Formerly, Arai (2001) proposed two types of mechanical models of human vocal tract for education in speech science [1]. In t he first, several acrylic plates with holes formed an acoustic tube. In the second, a hollowed out cylinder created an acoustic resonator. Vowels were produced for both models with an electrolarynx or other sound source. In the(More)
BACKGROUND A recent survey of 79 countries showed that fertility knowledge was lower in Japan than in any other developed country. Given the fertility decline in Japan and the importance of fertility knowledge, we conducted an online survey to examine fertility knowledge and the related factors for effective public education. METHODS We studied people(More)
We have proposed several mechanical models of the human vocal tract for the Japanese vowels /i/, /e/, /a/, /o/, and /u/ with a view toward education in acoustics. We used the models during a lecture in a university-level speech science class as well as in a high school physics class, and confirmed their effectiveness as educational tools. Earlier, we added(More)
AIM Japan lacks a population-based registration system for cerebral palsy (CP), therefore the nationwide prevalence of CP is unknown. Our aim was to estimate the number of children with CP using the National Database of Health Insurance Claims and Specific Health Checkups of Japan, which has been recently developed by the government. METHOD Study(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment costs for children with growth hormone (GH) deficiency are subsidized by the government in Japan if the children meet clinical criteria, including height limits (boys: 156.4 cm; girls: 145.4 cm). However, several funding programs, such as a subsidy provided by local governments, can be used by those who exceed the height limits. In this(More)
About forty certified patients aged around 50 years old existed as living witnesses to fetal-type Minamata disease (methylmercury poisoning due to in utero exposure) in Minamata, Japan in 2006. Computerized hand tremor and postural sway tests with spectral analysis were conducted for 24 of them and in matched control subjects to examine the(More)
STUDY QUESTION What are the effects of fertility education on knowledge, childbearing desires and anxiety? SUMMARY ANSWER Providing fertility information contributed to greater knowledge, but increased anxiety. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY Past studies have found that exposure to educational material improved fertility awareness and changed desires toward(More)
Autonomic imbalance is one of the important pathways through which psychological stress contributes to cardiovascular diseases/sudden death. Although previous studies have focused mainly on stress at work (work stress), the association between autonomic function and stress at home (home stress) is still poorly understood. The purpose was to clarify the(More)
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