Eri Haneishi

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This study examined the effects of a Music Therapy Voice Protocol (MTVP) on speech intelligibility, vocal intensity, maximum vocal range, maximum duration of sustained vowel phonation, vocal fundamental frequency, vocal fundamental frequency variability, and mood of individuals with Parkinson's disease. Four female patients, who demonstrated voice and(More)
This historical study explored the contributions of Juliette Alvin to the early development of Japanese music therapy. Alvin visited Japan twice, once in 1967 and once in 1969. Despite the brevity of her stays, Alvin presented Japanese music therapy pioneers with a vivid picture of music therapy profession and clinical practice. Professional associations(More)
Sopranos have many singing skills relating to control of the vocal tract shape, especially at high pitches. In the present study, one of the skills called girare in Italian opera was examined. This skill is said to be used for producing a mild voice at high pitches. The midsagittal images of the vocal tract of a soprano were scanned by magnetic resonance(More)
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