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Face recognition with single training sample has the problem that the sample is single and face pattern is changeable. The rate of traditional face recognition methods declines seriously in the case of single training sample. Thus, studying the face recognition method which is appropriate for single training sample is challenging in face recognition field.(More)
— The iris recognition is a kind of the biometrics technologies based on the physiological characteristics of human body, compared with the feature recognition based on the fingerprint, palm-print, face and sound etc, the iris has some advantages such as uniqueness, stability, high recognition rate, and non-infringing etc. The iris recognition is using(More)
The structure of data is important to the recognition of data. It is a fundamental question how measures and complements the structure of multi-features, because the fusion structure of multi-features is more complete than that of the single feature. To settle the question, we propose three methods for feature structure fusion in feature vectors or feature(More)
In video human action recognition of the continual human motion is a difficult point for application. The method of human action recognition based on latent-dynamic condition random fields is presented. By star form distance descriptor of human body contour, human pose is extracted. Then in continuous sequences method building the model of LDCRF shows the(More)
Retinal image vessels can reflect different states of many diseases, which are often used for the registration and mosaic of retinal images. Therefore, it is very important to accurately extract blood vessels. The paper firstly analyzes the characteristic of retinal images, and secondly gray mathematical morphology theories are used to smooth and strengthen(More)