Erhard Weinell

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Graph transformation provides an intuitive mechanism for capturing model transformations. In the current paper, we investigate and compare various graph transformation tools using a compact practical model transformation case study carried out as part of the AGTIVE 2007 Tool Contest [22]. The aim of this case study is to generate formal CSP processes from(More)
Scope GT-VMT 2009 is the eighth workshop of a series that serves as a forum for all researchers and practitioners interested in the use of graph-based notation, techniques and tools for the specification, modeling, validation, manipulation and verification of complex systems. The aim of the workshop is to promote engineering approaches that provide(More)
The DRAGOS database eases the development of graph-based applications by providing a uniform graph-oriented data storage facility. In this paper, we extend the existing database by a basic Query and Transformation Mechanism, which facilitates the construction of graph transformation systems. Users can therefore access the database by applying structured(More)
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