Erhan Okuyan

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OBJECTIVE Menopause is associated with increased cardiovascular risk factors. We designed this study to compare common carotid artery intima media thickness (IMT) and homocysteine level between women who had natural menopause and those who had surgical menopause and to correlate IMT, bone mineral density (BMD), and homocysteine level with time since(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether postmenopausal women with vasomotor symptoms have a lower bone mineral density (BMD) and a higher carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) than those without vasomotor symptoms. METHODS Postmenopausal women with (n=87) or without (n=117) vasomotor symptoms who did not receive hormone therapy were included. The CIMT and BMD were(More)
Direct volume visualization is an important method in many areas, including computational fluid dynamics and medicine. Achieving interactive rates for direct volume rendering of large unstructured volumetric grids is a challenging problem, but parallelizing direct volume rendering algorithms can help achieve this goal. Using Compute Unified Device(More)
Visualization of large volumetric datasets has always been an important problem. Due to the high computational requirements of volume-rendering techniques, achieving interactive rates is a real challenge. We present a selective refinement scheme that dynamically refines the mesh according to the camera parameters. This scheme automatically determines the(More)
PATTERN INFORMATION EXTRACTION FROM CRYSTAL STRUCTURES Erhan Okuyan M.S. in Computer Engineering Supervisor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Ug̃ur Güdükbay December, 2005 Determining crystal structure parameters of a material is a quite important issue in crystallography. Knowing the crystal structure parameters helps to understand physical behavior of material. For(More)
We present a revised version of the BilKristal tool of Okuyan et al. (2007). We converted the development environment into Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 in order to resolve compatibility issues. We added multicore CPU support and improvements are made to graphics functions in order to improve performance. Discovered bugs are fixed and exporting functionality(More)
Visualization of the materials is an indispensable part of their structural analysis. We developed a visualization tool for amorphous as well as crystalline structures, called MaterialVis. Unlike the existing tools, MaterialVis represents material structures as a volume and a surface manifold, in addition to plain atomic coordinates. Both amorphous and(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To compare the effectiveness of sublingual misoprostol with lidocaine pump spray for office hysteroscopy. DESIGN Premenopausal women who had an indication for office hysteroscopy were included in this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Eighty-two patients were evaluable for the final analysis. SETTING A tertiary referral(More)
VOLUMETRIC RENDERING TECHNIQUES FOR SCIENTIFIC VISUALIZATION Erhan Okuyan Ph.D. in Computer Engineering Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Uğur Güdükbay June, 2014 Direct volume rendering is widely used in many applications where the inside of a transparent or a partially transparent material should be visualized. We have explored several aspects of the problem. First,(More)
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