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An algorithm on automatic topology discovery in OpenFlow supported software defined networks is proposed. The proposed algorithm utilizing link layer discovery protocol allows to obtain the whole network topology by the network controller. We have validated the successful operation of our algorithm through simulation and real network tests seperately, and(More)
Future Internet may be comprised of interconnected multiple software-defined networks (SDN), where each domain is administered by a different controller or control plane. Provisioning of an end-to-end flow-path across such a network with specific service levels requires collaboration between domain controllers across control planes. A service-enabled(More)
Multi-domain software-defined networks (SDN) require controllers of different domains to be inter-connected to share their available intra-domain paths for inter-domain routing. This specific network of connections, called inter-domain control network, is somewhat similar to a signaling network. Provisioning flow-paths across multiple domains with certain(More)
Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a paradigm shift that changes the working principals of IP networks by separating the control logic from routers and switches, and logically centralizing it within a controller. While having a centralized controller as a single point of failure creates an added vulnerability from a network security viewpoint, it also(More)
Virtual network operators may distrust each other and require that their virtual infrastructure is not cohosted on the same physical equipment. In this paper, we formulate a virtual network embedding problem that maximizes the total revenue where conflicting virtual network operators utilize distinct physical devices. Virtual links in our model have the(More)
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