Erhan J. Kartaltepe

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Botnets have become a major threat in cyberspace. In order to effectively combat botnets, we need to understand a botnet’s Command-and-Control (C&C), which is challenging because C&C strategies and methods evolve rapidly. Very recently, botmasters have begun to exploit social network websites (e.g., as their C&C infrastructures, which turns out(More)
Botnets have become the most powerful tool for attackers to victimize countless users across cyberspace. Previous work on botnet detection has mainly focused on identifying infected bot computers or IP addresses and not on identifying bot processes on a host machine. This paper aims to fill this gap by presenting a bot process detection technique based on(More)
z Published and popularized in the early 1980s, SMTP is the de f t standard for email transmission across the Internet facto standard for email transmission across the Internet. z SMTP is a " push " protocol, allowing a client to send an email to its server, which in turn sends it to the recipient's server. p SMTP i il f h il f h z SMTP cannot retrieve an(More)
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